MARLISCO Exhibition Netherlands

The MARLISCO exhibition can be visited in the Netherlands (available in both Dutch + English) and is currently being hosted at:

DELTAPARK Neeltje Jans, in Zeeland


You can visit it daily until end of October 2015.


Previous locations

The Dutch MARLISCO exhibition first opened to the public in The Hague’s City Hall Atrium, in October 2013, where it has been estimated to have reached 22500 visitors!

For over 1 year, the exhibition and sculptures were in display at ECOMARE, in Texel.


280 children took part in exhibition guided tours and helped building a giant jelly-fish made from marine litter.


The Jellyfish

Several giant marine animals have been built during educational workshops and some of them are touring with the MARLISCO exhibition.


The Harbour Porpoise


The Sunfish

Educational activities

Throughout most of the period of the exhibition, the Dutch MARLISCO partner – EUCC/Kust & Zee –  organised a series of workshops, guided tours for children (4-12 y.o.) and several other interesting activities also for adults.

More information on the educational programme related to marine litter (in Dutch only):