Another training day for schools about marine litter

organized by the Province of Teramo under MARLISCO

The Province of Teramo organized another training day about marine litter, in collaboration with the Regional School Office for the Abruzzo Region - Province of Teramo territory, under the 7FP Project MARLISCO, MARine Litter in Europe Seas: Social AwarenesS and CO-Responsibility, coordinated by the Province itself.

The meeting took place on the 12nd of November 2013 in the two seats of the “Peano-Rosa” high school (Technical-Economy and Science High Schools), located in Nereto (Teramo, Italy). Beneficiaries of the training days were students of the “Peano” Science High School 2-year classes (8,30-9,30), students of the “Rosa” Technical-Economy High School 3-year and 2-year classes (9,30-11,00) and students of the “Peano” Science High School 3-year classes (11,30-12,30). The training activity involved 333 students in sum, accompanied by 28 teachers.
The headmistress of the school, Maria Rosa Fracassa, and the Province of Teramo Councillor to Environment, Francesco Marconi, started the meeting by underlining the MARLISCO project importance for preventing marine litter.

Similarly to the previous training days (see Giulianova - and Teramo,, the Province of Teramo team illustrated the main marine problems, and marine litter in the specific, thanks to the report by Luigi Alcaro Marine Biologist from the Minister of Environment (ISPRA - Institute for Environmental Protection and Research) and MARLISCO consultant, about “Quantity, quality and distribution of marine litter and best practices for their reduction”, given this time by Doriana Calilli,MARLISCO Project Coordinator. In occasion of the training events, general information about the MARLISCO project activities were also given by Doriana Calilli, with particular reference to the MARLISCO European and National video-contest for youngsters aiming at realizing videos about marine litter, and general and technical instructions to realize and illustrate the videos for the contest were given by Matteo Albanese from Mind in Action, communication agency consultant (Mind in Action) for the Province of Teramo, at the end.

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Students from the “Peano-Rosa” High School during the MARLISCO training day in Nereto (Teramo, Italy) - 14/11/2013.

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