Before litter ends up in the ocean…

River bank cleanup in Germany

EUCC - The Coastal Union Germany (EUCC-D) participated in a cleanup of the Warnow River, which ends in the Baltic Sea. A boat hire station (WANDERER Kanu, Rad & Reisen) and several NGOs (Lederhexen e.V., Kompass NORDe.V., Förderverein zum Erhalt des Fluß- und Sonnenbades am Mühlendamm e.V.) mobilizedmore than 30 volunteers joining the cleaning. Canoes and rowboats were used to take litter items out of the water and collect debris along the river banks. The volunteers collected a countless amount of bottles, plastic waste, fishing equipment, disposable grills and much more (more than 140 kg of debris). The cleanup was organized to raise the public awareness about the connection between littered rivers and marine litter.

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Employees of EUCC-D at the river bank cleanup/ © Anke Vorlauf (EUCC-D)

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