European Video Contest for youngsters: catch marine litter on video

Today the European project MARLISCO launched a Video Contest targeting students and their schools, in 14 European coastal countries.

This initiative encourages youngsters accross Europe to get in touch with the issue of marine litter and share their ideas, giving the young generation a chance to have their say in this challenging problem. Teams can submit their videos until 14th Feruary 2014. Marine litter is any manufactured or processed solid material that is discarded or abandoned in the sea or coast or somehow makes its way to the marine environment. It is now recognized as a worldwide and emerging problem, threatening wildlife and ecosystems, leading to large economic costs to coastal towns and maritime industries, and not yet fully understood human health implications. It is a complex issue, as it is rooted in our prevailing production and consumption patterns and the way we dispose and manage waste.

Video Contest

The Video Contest is being launched in 14 European Countries: Italy, United Kingdom, France, Slovenia, Ireland, Romania, Germany, The Netherlands, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Spain, Portugal, Turkey and Denmark. Different age-ranges are targeted in each of these countries. Participants should therefore check the conditions applicable to their country, including on how to apply for technical and logistical support, available for a limited number of schools. The videos will be testimonials of how European youngsters see the problem of marine litter and possible solutions. They will become empowered as agents of change in society and their videos creative messages that will inform and inspire the broader public. The best videos from each country will be part of a final film compiling the "voices of European youngsters about the issue of marine litter", which will be premiered in May 2014, at a high level European event in Bremen, Germany. The Video Contest is timed with the beginning of the academic period 2013-2014. The submission of videos is possible until the 14th February 2014. The awarded videos will be announced at the end of March 2014. More information about the contest and submission of the videos:

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