MARLISCO 2nd Steering Group meeting follow up

The second MARLISCO, MARine Litter in Europe Seas: Social AwarenesS and CO-Responsibility, Steering Group meeting took place in Brussels, at the Region of Abruzzo headquarters, on 18 and 19 of June 2013, from 9,00 a.m. to 5/7,00 p.m..

Work Packages Leaders (WPLs) and Regional Node Leaders (RNLs), responsible for the MARLISCO project activities and coming from the institutions forming the MARLISCO Consortium, attended the meeting, such as CEFAS Lowestoft Laboratory, WP1 Leader and RNL NE Atlantic, Isotech Ltd., WP2 leader, Kusten Union, WP3 Leader, Honkytonk, WP3.2 task leader, University College Cork, WP4 leader, Coastal & Marine Union EUCC, WP5 leader, Mediterranean Information Office for Environment, Culture and Sustainable Development, WP6 leader and RNL Mediterranean, Province of Teramo, MARLISCO Coordinator and WP7 leader, KIMO Danmark RNL Baltic, Mare Nostrum, RNL Black Sea. Advisory Panel members coming from prestigious institutions joined the meeting especially in the very first day, such as Leo De Vrees from the EC DG Environment, Kate Larkin from the European Science Foundation/Marine Board Forum, Iryna Makarenko from the Black Sea Commission, and Stefanie Werner from HELCOM.

During the first morning of the 17th of June 2013, the discussion was focused on summarising the WP1, Scoping of the sources, trends and policy background regarding marine litter, and WP2, Processes and solutions – moving toward Best Practices (BP), work progress and critical points to be addressed, particularly focusing on the BP and their link with other projects.

The following afternoon was focused on discussing the WP3, especially the designing and maintaining of the already online web portal (work done, current activities, planned work) and the ongoing interactive web documentary. Second part of the afternoon of the 18th was focused on the WP4, having an overview of the National Forum Format and objectives, particularly on methodology, animation and on-line streaming, and integration of other WPs into WP4.

The second morning of the 19th of June, 2013, was focused on the WP5, Views from European Youngster, highlighting overview, progress and next steps, the Evaluation of Contest participants, the Participation of awarded teams in Bergen 2014 and the national web pages on the MARLISCO website. Second half of the morning was focused on WP6, Education, outreach and synthesis, during which targeted brochures and general exhibition tools were illustrated by the WPL.

The afternoon closed the meeting with particular attention on WP7 aspects, such as Financial and Technical Interim report and organisation of the next progress meeting, to be held in the 3rd 2013 quarter.

The meeting was lively and productive and allowed many discussion and Advisory Panel members contributes to the various MARLISCO activities, thus aiming to improve the next project outcomes.

The MARLISCO Project is promoted and coordinated by the Province of Teramo and is funded within the Seventh European Framework of Research and Development pro the period June 2012- May 2015. It intends to sensitize public opinion about marine pollution consequences and to promote co-responsibility among the stakeholders, thus in order to get a sustainable management of marine litter in European seas. MARLISCO specifically aims at evaluating the mechanisms that allow society to understand litter impact on marine environment and at identifying actions which are able to slash it – actions which may be locally implemented and with a regional relevance.


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