MARLISCO at EurOcean 2014

EurOCEAN 2014, the Italian edition of one of the most important scientific European conference about the sea, took place in Rome from the 7th to the 9th of October at the lecture hall for marine sciences.

The conference was fostered by the European Marine Boardand organised by the National Research Board (CNR), the Experimental Oceanography and Geophysics National Institute (OGS) and the National Inter-Universities Sea Sciences Consortium (Conisma).

It represented a priceless opportunity of meeting and exchanging of views among marine research’s international plans’ scientists and European strategies’ political managers, with the aim of developing a shared point of view about how to get an approach compatible with the ecosystem which has to be connected to the European marine resources’ management as a basic requirement for a sustainable Blue Growth. This shared idea was the subject of “Rome Declaration”.

Among the various EurOcean 2014 side-events, a EU Mediterranean and Black Seas’ projects coordinators’ meeting took place in Rome on October the 6th 2014, just before the EurOcean launch. The aim is integrating EU funded marine projects in the Mediterranean and the Black Seas, thus contributing to the Rome declaration aim.  

The MARLISCO Project joined the meeting with a presentation about the activities carried out by the project so far, aiming at improving marine litter awareness and at integrating with other projects’ activities:

tl_files/marlisco/lib/layout/icon-pdf.pngDownload the MARLISCO Presentation made by the project biologist Luigi Alcaro (.pdf)

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Doriana Calilli, MARLISCO Project Coordinator, Province of Teramo; tel.+39(0)861331407 e-mail

Mara Di Berardo, MARLISCO project Secretariat, Province of Teramo; tel.+39(0)861331238 e-mail

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