MARLISCO at the Italian Conference on River Contracts in Venice

The 7FP MARLISCO Project  took part to the Italian Conference on River Contracts, held in Venice on the 18th and 19th of November 2014. The National River Contracts Table was born on 2007 as an Italian Agenda 21 working group aiming at creating a community to exchange experiences and promote river contracts in Italy. 9 Tables/Conferences have been realized since today: Umbertide (2008), Rimini (2008), Arezzo (2009), Rome (2009), Milan (2010), Turin (2012), Boulogne (2012), Florence (2013) and Venice (2014). The title of this year’ table was: “An agreement for our rivers: from emergency to shared management”. 

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Fig. 01 The conference room on the 18th of November 2014.

During the first day of the Conference, on the 18th of Nov. 2014, lectio magistralis were given byPaul Chapman, INTERREG IVC ERCIP Project Coordinator for the London Borough of Lewisham, about “A European scale experience of river redevelopment and River Contracts diffusion: 

ERCIP” and by Alberto Magnaghi’s, Emeritus Professor of Territorial Planning ad the University of Florence, lectio magistralis about “River Contracts in Italy: Action-Research Methodologies”. The National Conference Award Ceremony took place soon after: writers of the papers answering to the IX National Conference on River Contracts call for papers received mentions and prizes.

During the second day of the conference, on the 19th of Nov. 2014, four sessions were run, such us 1. “River Contracts Recognition”, 2. “River Contracts in the new European planning”, 3. “River Contract realization strategies”, 4. “Information, Promotion and Dissemination”, reconnecting to the river contracts main themes discussed during 2014 by the national working groups constituting the river contracts table and hosting various speeches from experts and political representatives.

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Fig. 02 The conference room on the 19h of November 2014 during the speech of Dino Pepe, Region of Abruzzo.

A poster about the MARLISCO Project was exhibited on the conference hall, following to the MARLISCO Coordinator participation to the Conference (Doriana Calilli, MARLISCO Project Coordinator), together with other posters about river management: the aim was to connect water management in general and marine litter because pollution is often caused starting from the rivers.

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Fig. 03 The MARLISCO posters during the conference - 19th of Nov. 2014.

During the two days of the conference, Information desks about the ERCIP and 7FP MARLISCO projects was managed by the Province of Teramo (, giving information and distributing flyers and gadgets.

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Fig. 04 ERCIP/MARLISCO Information desk during the conference - 18th of Nov. 2014.

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Fig. 05 The ERCIP/MARLISCO  information desk during the conference -  19th of Nov. 2014.

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