MARLISCO Final Event in Cyprus

ISOTECH Ltd will be organizing a MARLISCO Final Event in Cyprus on the 1st May, in Paphos Old Port and Medieval Castle. The event is being co-organised by the Office of the European Parliament in Cyprus and MARLISCO and will include the following:

tl_files/marlisco/lib/layout/arrow-more-light.png Cleanups will take place around Cyprus and the Mediterranean Region in collaboration with Rotaract Cyprus and Rotaract MED clubs. ISOTECH will undertake a training session for Rotaract leaders in April, so that a recognized cleanup protocol will be implemented by all clubs on the day. The collected litter will be recorded and the data will be used to populate the MARLISCO Marine Litter Database;

tl_files/marlisco/lib/layout/arrow-more-light.png The MARLISCO Exhibition will be transported to Paphos and installed in the Paphos Port area – a highly visited area by both Cypriots and tourists;

tl_files/marlisco/lib/layout/arrow-more-light.png Free diving lessons will be provided for children above the age of 10 by experienced trainers from Enalia Physis NGO and CyDive Diving Centre, within the European-funded project MarLitCy. The aim is to familiarize youth with the seabed and raise awareness about seabed marine litter and the need to protect our marine environment;

tl_files/marlisco/lib/layout/arrow-more-light.png A “Dive Against Debris” – type cleanup, by AKTI Project and Research Centre and Enalia Physis NGO, within the framework and with the support of the European-funded project MarLitCy will take place. The collected marine litter will be recorded and the data will be integrated in the MARLISCO Marine Litter Database;

tl_files/marlisco/lib/layout/arrow-more-light.png Video projections will take place throughout the day and will include: (a) The mini-documentaries “Plastic Bags – the Problem” and “Plastic Bags – Solutions”. Directed by: Petros Kittos, Research/ presentation: Theodoulos Koullapis, Production CYBC 2015; (b) Videos from the MARLISCO Video Contest; (c) Videos developed within the framework of MARLISCO (‘Sources and Impacts of Marine Litter”, MARLISCO Cyprus ambassador video etc.).

The event is supported by a number of organizations.

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