MARLISCO Italian Marine Litter Forum

The MARLISCO Italian Marine Litter forum, organized within the MARLISCO Project by the Province of Teramo, Project Coordinator, took place on the 16th of January in Rome at the Roman Aquarium.

The event was conducted by Tessa Gelisio, Italian journalist, “Pianeta Mare” (author’ translation: “Planet Sea”) and “Cotto e Mangiato” (a.t.:“Cooked and eaten”) anchorwoman and MARLISCO' Ambassador for Italy, and by Virna Venerucci, participatory processes expert facilitator. The forum was opened by Doriana Calilli, MARLISCO Project Coordinator.

81 participants took part to the event, coming from various sectors of activity, such as marine litter experts, industrials, politicians, ONGs, citizens, associations, artists, public bodies, media, teachers and students. 292 userwere connected to the forum through a streaming platform: they were single users, such as experts, students or general citizens, or virtual groups involved into environmental projects or representing municipalities chancellors and school students with teachers, attending the forum in their institutions/schools organizing working groups.

The forum was divided into two working phases: the first introductory one, during which the marine litter theme was debated together with a panel of experts and with videos showing; the second operational one, during which the working groups, together with the panel, defined and selected intervention proposal to reduce marine litter.

During the first phase, moderated by Tessa Gelisio, and launched by a short table mini quiz to generate dialogue among the working groups both on and off line, the moderator and the public made questions about marine litter to the MARLISCO Forum Panel of Experts, composed by: Massimo Bastiani, River and Coast Contracts National Table Coordinator, Luigi Alcaro, ISPRA – National Institute for Environmental Protection and Research - Researcher and MARLISCO Project Expert, Giorgio Zampetti, Scientific Referee for Legambiente – an important National Environmental Association, Massimo Di Molfetta, CoRePla Consortium for Reuse and Recovery, Pierpaolo Campostrini, JPI Healthy and Productive Seas and Oceans/Executive Committee member and MARLISCO Advisory Panel member.

During the second phase of the forum, moderated by Virna Venerucci, the groups were asked to express their opinion, working together to define proposals of actions to reduce the marine litter problem. The thematic areas within which defining the proposals were the following: Governance, Information and Communication, Awareness and Responsibility, Reuse, Recycle and Recovery, Norms, Production and Consumption. Together with the working tables in Rome, the virtual groups in streaming executed the same activity proposing specific lines of action and their proposals were inserted into the general list.

At the end of the discussion, a selection procedure, through which voting the proposals in terms of efficacy and feasibility, was launched both in streaming and on site. A specific classification was made by group typology.

The single users and virtual groups attending in streaming were supported by two online facilitators, Mara Di Berardo and Fulvia Fortunato, interacting through a Live Chat Box, often taken by the cameras onto the monitors, and by online surveys.

The MARLISCO Italian Forum is one of the 12 fora about marine litter organized by the MARLISCO Project in the partners' countries and is a great occasion to know more about the Marine Litter European research results, to increase awareness and to individuate solutions and a selected list of actions to solve the marine litter problem.

The List of actions selected by the groups, output of this beautiful day of multi-stakeholder discussion, will be reported and sent to the Italian Environmental Minister and to the European Commission.

Download the Italian Report of the Forum:

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More information about the Italian Forum can be found in the national page on our website:

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Pic1: Doriana Calilli, MARLISCO Project Coordinator, opens the MARLISCO Italian National Forum about Marine Litter.

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Pic2: Tessa Gelisio with the MARLISCO Forum Panel of Experts during the Italian MARLISCO national forum about marine litter.

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Pic3: The Italian Forum streaming platform during the Angela Renata Cordeiro Ortigara’ speech on behalf of Michela Miletto, WWAP UNESCO. The first moderator, Tessa Gelisio, also in the picture.


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