MARLISCO paper in Marine Pollution Bulletin

Ms Xenia I. Loizidou, Dr Michael I. Loizides and Ms Demetra Orthodoxou of Isotech Ltd, the MARLISCO partner responsible for the best practices to reduce marine litter, have just published a paper in Marine Pollution Bulletin. The paper describes the process of evaluating the best practices collected within the MARLISCO project, and selecting those with the greatest potential to reduce marine litter.  The paper, entitled ‘A novel best practice approach: The MARLISCO case’ can be accessed here:

The full reference is:

Xenia I. Loizidou, Michael I. Loizides, Demetra L. Orthodoxou, A novel best practices approach:
The MARLISCO case, Marine Pollution Bulletin,
Available online 26 September 2014, ISSN 0025-326X,

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