MARLISCO Video Contest in Cyprus

Stage 1 Completed

Cyprus: Congratulations to the 10 teams that will continue to Stage 2 of the MARLISCO Video Contest in Cyprus (alphabetically):

  • American Academy Larnaca - Team 1
  • American Academy Larnaca - Team 2
  • Forum Private School, Nicosia
  • Lykeio Agiou Antoniou, Limassol
  • Lykeio Agiou Charalambous Embas
  • Lykeio Apostolon Petrou kai Pavlou, Limassol - Team 2
  • Lykeio Ethanrchi Makariou III, Pafos - Team 1
  • Lykeio Makariou III, Dasoupoli, Nicosia
  • Lykeio Makariou III, Larnaca - Team 1
  • Lykeio Polemidion, Limassol

We can't wait to meet the teams on the 30th of November, when they will participate in a technical workshop to learn how to turn their concepts into a 2 minute video.

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