Plymouth University combine MARLISCO exhibition with artistic installation by Lou McCurdy and Chloe Hanks in Brighton, UK.

The first UK MARLISCO exhibition is running in collaboration with an installation organised by the ONCA Gallery in Brighton. Aspects of the MARLISCO exhibition have been combined with a unique artistic installation about plastic in the marine environment organised by artists Lou McCurdy and Chloe Hanks, and the ONCA Gallery staff.

The installation has been designed to mimic a supermarket, with the shelves stocked with plastic products that have been collected from Brighton and Hove’s beach, sorted and rebranded.  A series of engaging posters designed by MARLISCO convey information about the quantities, sources, and impacts of marine litter, and provide solutions for visitors to be part of. The exhibition aims to raise awareness of the problems and solutions relating to marine litter, particularly plastic, and encourage more sustainable behaviours, including reduction, reuse and recycling. The Super-M-Art exhibition attracted large numbers on the opening night (14/11/13) and continues to engage ‘shoppers’. Plymouth University is collecting information about visitors’ perceptions and willingness to pledge to take action in a 1 minute iPad survey at the exhibition.

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