Presentation on marine litter and MARLISCO

KIMO held a presentation on marine litter and MARLISCO at the Traphot museum in Kolding Denmark on January 19th 2014. The museum, which is famous in Denmark for its sometimes controversial exhibitions is hosting the ”Out to Sea?” exhibition until February 2014 The exhibition is visually fascinating. The heart of the exhibition presents 12 tons of plastic collected from shores in Hawaii. It focuses on plastics in the marine environment, introduces the challenge of microplastics and presents suggestions for what people can do to reduce plastics from entering the environment through better product design, better consumer choices, reduction, reuse and recycling.  The exhibition travels to Goteborg Sweden in February.

KIMO presented an overview of the problem of marine litter and its effects on the environment and especially the economic consequences for local costal municipalities. The MARLISCO project was introduced and the MARLISCO exhibition, educational material and video contest were promoted. Ca. 40 people attended the presentation. Many I talked to were visiting the exhibition for the first time and were unaware of marine litter and the extent of the problem. They were surprised to learn just how much plastic is in the marine environment and that organizations like KIMO have been working on this problem for many years.

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