The MARLISCO project at the “Towards2020” conference

The Province of Teramo, MARLISCO Project Coordinator, took part to the AdriaPAN “Towards 2020” event in Silvi Marina (Teramo, Italy) on the 3rd and 4th of June 2014.

The Province of Teramo MARLISCO staff took specifically part to two important moments:

- Part II: Project Opportunities, aiming at presenting the MARLISCO project and its main technical-scientific outcomes.

- Part IV: Project Development with the “Stop Marine Litter in Adriatic sea” discussion table, aming at launching a new project perspective by involving the Adriatic Sea Protected Marine areas, to maximize the MARLISCO project results in terms of Adriatic coastal marine litter quantity and quality.

During the activities, the MARLISCO staff transversally focused on the nowadays marine litter problem. MARLISCO project tools and future collaborations to launch solutions for the marine litter problem in a short time were highlighted and discussed.

The Towards2020 program can be download at

The MARLISCO staff has, moreover, managed an informative desk during the 3rd and 4th of June, aiming at informing about the project results and at disseminating future events, collecting much interest from the event participants.

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The MARLISCO staff during the Project Presentation at the AdriaPan Towards 2020 event.

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