Mare Nostrum, Romania

Description of Organisation:

Mare Nostrum was formed in the summer 1993 as an association of specialists to address the continuous degradation of Black Sea marine and coastal ecosystems. Mare Nostrum has 70 registered members, more than 75 supporters, a staff of 10 (full time and part time) and an active group of volunteers which currently exceeds 100 people. In order to achieve this mission, Mare Nostrum is focusing on environmental education, public awareness campaigns, coastal environment surveys, advocacy, and lobbying.

Main tasks in the project:

Mare Nostrum will be responsible for conducting WP 4, 5 and 6 in Romania and also input into WP 1and 2. It will also take the lead of the Black Sea Node. Also, Mare Nostrum will be responsible for translating in Romanian the guidelines of the video contest, for promoting it, coordinating the jury and disseminating the results. Some other tasks are to translate the Educational Pack in Romanian, organise the Exhibition at regional level and to develop educational activities related to marine litter.

Relevant experience:

Mare Nostrum has developed over the years several projects, public campaigns and events related to marine litter, waste management and the protection of the coastal environment. In all these projects, there were involved public institutions, authorities, educational institutions and so on, developing various types of activities, with a significant impact on the target group. Thus, Mare Nostrum has a sufficient experience in order to be able to implement successfully its tasks in this project.


Andreea Ionascu

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