Municipal beach cleaning in Limassol (Cyprus)

Cleaning of a stretch of beach covering 3.2 km takes place year round by the Municipality of Limassol. Between April and October, cleaning takes place two times a week, whereas in the off-peak tourist season (November to March) the beach is cleaned only once a week.  The activities that take place involve: emptying the rubbish bins, collecting larger pieces of litter from the beach by hand and collection of smaller pieces of litter (e.g. cigarette butts) by a specialized vehicle.

It is estimated that about 500 tonnes of litter are collected from this Limassol beach every year. Of these, 80% (about 400 tonnes) is from land-based sources (mostly from tourists on the beach) whereas the remaining 20% (about 100 tonnes) comes from the sea. The main types of litter collected are plastics, paper, glass, cigarette butts and vegetables.



Place / Location Cyprus
Commencement Date 2006
Duration Ongoing
Theme Mitigation
Type of Initiative Policy/Regulation Implementation
Initiated by Limassol Municipality
Involved Stakeholders None – only the Municipality and its workers
Funding/Financial Support Funded by the Municipality
Success Rate Very Successful
Case Study prepared by

Mr. Sergis Sergiou, Municipality of Limassol,

Mr. Marios Aristotelous, Municipality of Limassol

Submitted by

Demetra Orthodoxou, ISOTECH Ltd

MARLISCO Partner 12

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