Ocean Initiatives (Global)

Ocean Initiatives is an initiative of Surfrider Foundation Europe. Volunteers organise local cleanup operations, with the help of Surfrider Foundation Europe who manage the co-ordination of operations, offer logistical support, and broadcast news of the events on a European, national and local level. Traditionally, all the cleanups are organised in the first spring weekend in order to benefit from strong media coverage, but it is possible to organise campaigns throughout the year.

Surfrider Foundation Europe also offers free for download tools (such as banners and posters) to help advertise the events. A guide for the organisers is also available online. After the event, organisers are requested to fill in an online report on the amounts and types of data collected.


Place / Location Global
Commencement Date 1995
Duration Ongoing
Theme Mitigation, Awareness (Cross-cutting)
Type of Initiative Practice/ Activity/ Action, Campaign
Initiated by Surfrider Foundation Europe
Involved Stakeholders Citizens, others NGO’s, institutional bodies
Funding/Financial Support Yes (public grants and private partners)
Success Rate Somewhat successful
Case Study prepared by

Cristina BARREAU

Chargée de mission déchets aquatiques


Surfrider Foundation Europe
Siège Europe
120, avenue de Verdun, 64200 Biarritz - France
Tel: 0033-(0)5 59 23 54 99

skype: cristinasfe

Submitted by

Isabelle Poitou, MerTerre


MARLISCO Partner 7

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