School activities to reduce waste in the Black Sea (Bulgaria)

The “Miladinov Brothers” school in Burgas carried out a series of activities within the framework of the World Eco-Schools Day.

The events officially started on 31.10.2012 with beach cleanups, where members of the environmentalist club cleaned the beach and gave the wastes to the appropriate companies for disposal and recycling. However, various other events were also organised:

 - 29.10.2012 – teaching hours were devoted to the environmental problems of the Black Sea

- 31.10.2012 – Three university students, working with a class from the ‘Miladinov Brothers’ school, organised an exhibition dedicated to the Black Sea and commented on environmental issues related to its pollution.
- 05.11.2012 – younger scouts from the school arranged an eco-exhibition
- 07.11.2012 – a campaign called “Let's clean our school” was organised with environmentalist club students and students from  1st to 4th grade

In addition to the above events, exhibitions, posters, a concert and a conference dedicated to the World  Eco-schools Day and informing about issues related to the Black Sea environment were organised.



Place / Location



Commencement Date 29.10.2012
Duration 29.10.2012 - 07.11.2012
Theme Mitigation, Awareness (Cross-cutting)
Type of Initiative Practice/ Activity/ Action, Campaign
Initiated by “Miladinov Brothers” school (public school), Burgas Bulgaria
Involved Stakeholders Students and teachers of the “Miladinov Brothers” school, Burgas Bulgaria
Funding/Financial Support Yes, Burgas Municipality
Success Rate Very successful
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Mariana Kancheva

UBBSLA ( MARLISCO partner 13)


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Mariana Kancheva

UBBSLA ( MARLISCO partner 13)


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