Seabed cleaning in Cyprus (Cyprus)

Seabed cleaning campaigns are organised every summer mainly for mitigation purposes. The areas that need cleaning are identified by recreational divers who then inform CYMEPA and the campaign is organised. The main types of litter removed during these campaigns are: car (and tractor/truck!) tyres, fishing gear, boat equipment and other forms of consumer packages and items. Campaigns on cleaning of beaches also take place mainly for awareness raising purposes. Beach cleaning takes place at hard-to-reach beaches and beaches that are very popular. The main types of litter collected are cigarette butts and items associated with soft drinks.



Place / Location Cyprus
Commencement Date 2002
Duration Ongoing, 2-3 times a year
Theme Mitigation, Awareness (Cross-cutting)
Type of Initiative Campaign
Initiated by CYMEPA
Involved Stakeholders Cyta (Cyprus Telecommunication Authority)  Scuba Divers Club, Local Authorities and Local diving schools
Funding/Financial Support Yes. Funding by third parties such as banks, Cypriot utility companies, maritime companies etc.
Success Rate Very Successful
Case Study prepared by

Michael Ierides, CYMEPA,  Secretary General

Submitted by

Demetra Orthodoxou, ISOTECH Ltd

MARLISCO Partner 12

Available documentation and further information

Campaigns are announced on CYMEPA’s website but there is no dedicated URL for them.

Photo gallery from Cyta Scuba Divers Club cleaning campaign at Malama Beach, Protaras, Cyprus: