Waste Free Oceans Initiative

Waste Free Oceans (WFO) is a ground breaking public-private initiative aimed at mobilizing and uniting the fisheries sector, the international plastics industry and all stakeholders in combating the growing issue of floating litter on the coastlines, at the rivers and in the seas.

The initiative uses existing fishing trawls and new technology to collect floating marine litter and bring it back to land for recycling and sorting. The fishermen involved in this operation are compensated.


Place / Location Global
Commencement Date 2011
Duration Ongoing
Theme Mitigation, Awareness
Type of Initiative Practice/ Activity/ Action, Campaign
Initiated by Waste Free Oceans has been set up by the European Plastics Converters (EuPC), the EU-level trade association representing over 50000 companies in Europe that are producing more than 45 million tonnes of plastics products a year.
Involved Stakeholders Plastic industry, fishing community, recycling industry
Funding/Financial Support Yes, by private sponsors.
Success Rate Very Successful
Case Study prepared by Alvaro Fernandez de Celis, EuPR Alvaro.Fernandez@eupc.org
Submitted by Alvaro Fernandez de Celis, EuPRAlvaro.Fernandez@eupc.org

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