Awareness about cigarette butt pollution (France)

Surfrider Foundation Europe La Rochelle local chapter chose to concentrate in 2013 on raising awareness about cigarette butt pollution to the general public and more specifically to students at La Rochelle’s University campus as a partnership with a group of students from “IUT La Rochelle” was initiated. The consequences of throwing cigarette butts on the floor were explained and a simple message was delivered: each action made by each person counts! The “Ecobox”, a small ashtray that you can put in your pocket, was also distributed, so that a solution was given to smokers to change their behaviour.


Place / Location La Rochelle
Commencement Date 20/09/2012
Duration At least the upcoming year, 2013
Theme Prevention, Awareness (Cross-cutting)
Type of Initiative Campaign, Practice/ Activity/ Action
Initiated by Surfrider Foundation Europe, La Rochelle local chapter
Involved Stakeholders IUT La Rochelle, Imprimerie Rochelaise , RTCR
Funding/Financial Support The SFE La Rochelle chapter signed a partnership with the printing company “l’Imprimerie Rochelaise”, which donated up to 3000€ to the local chapter through the use of the city’s bicycles. Thanks to this donation, 4000 “ecobox” ashtrays were produced (see photo below).
Success Rate

Somewhat successful

People become more aware of the pollution and change their behavior.

Case Study prepared by Caroline Berny-Tarente and Nicolas Prouteau, Chair and vice-chair of Surfrider Foundation Europe La Rochelle
Submitted by

Isabelle Poitou, MerTerre

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