Beach cleaning (Italy)

“Mare pulito” is an initiative dedicated to the bathers, pleasure boats and tourists of the Ligurian coasts. Every year, in the summer season, local people carry out beach cleaning with the help of local fishermen.


Place / Location Ligurian Sea and Northern Tyrrhenian Sea (Italy)
Commencement Date 1998
Duration Ongoing (every year in summer)
Theme Mitigation, Awareness (Cross-cutting)
Type of Initiative Campaign
Initiated by Regional Agency for Environmental Protection of Tuscany (ARPAT), Liguria Regional Authority, Environmental Office of Corsica, Sardinia Regional Authority and Livorno Province.
Involved Stakeholders Common people and fishermen
Funding/Financial Support In 2011 the project was financed by European Regional Development Fund.
Success Rate Very Successful
Case Study prepared by Liguria Regional Authority
Submitted by Provincia di Teramo (MARLISCO Partner 1)
Luigi Alcaro

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