D6.1 Educational pack in the web-portal, in 14 languages

Within MARLISCO the educational material “Know Feel Act! To Stop Marine Litter” (T.6.1) has been prepared to inform, sensitise and enable European teachers and students to take action to tackle the problem of litter in our seas and coasts. This is a joint product of the MARLISCO consortium and within the project duration (2012-2015) it is being translated and applied in the partner countries. The material has been designed to primarily serve youth aged 10-15 yrs, but can be used also by educators outside the schooling system. It material contains 17 educational activities, each combining a learning task or game (developed in 4 pages) and a worksheet for students (1-2 pages). The activities are self-standing and can be applied separately or combined in clusters, so to meet the needs of the educator that uses them. The educational material combines updated ML scientific input (as identified by WP1 & WP2), practical advice for young consumers, as well as, hands-on activities on ML. It uses a fresh language, as it targets mainly teenagers and it is considered as a flexible and adaptable for use either at formal education (schools) or non-formal one (NGOs, Museums, youth groups & associations, etc.).