Awareness Exhibition

Within MARLISCO an awareness exhibition on the theme of marine litter has been prepared aiming to inform and sensitise thegeneral public and the educational community. This is a joint consortium product that can be exhibited in many ways in all MARLISCO partner countries (e.g. in museums, aquariums, research centres etc.) and utilised for educational purposes (e.g. during school visits, beach clean-ups, etc.).


The Exhibition covers the following 10 thematic units:

tl_files/marlisco/lib/layout/arrow-more-light.png  Marine Litter: An issue of global concern
tl_files/marlisco/lib/layout/arrow-more-light.png  Where does it come from?
tl_files/marlisco/lib/layout/arrow-more-light.png  How threatening is it?
tl_files/marlisco/lib/layout/arrow-more-light.png  How does it affect wildlife?
tl_files/marlisco/lib/layout/arrow-more-light.png  How does it affect people?
tl_files/marlisco/lib/layout/arrow-more-light.png  What are the challenges for my regional sea?  (content varies from region to region)
tl_files/marlisco/lib/layout/arrow-more-light.png  What are the challenges for my country?  (content is country specific)
tl_files/marlisco/lib/layout/arrow-more-light.png  Are there solutions?
tl_files/marlisco/lib/layout/arrow-more-light.png  What can I do?
tl_files/marlisco/lib/layout/arrow-more-light.png  About MARLISCO, partners, sponsors, etc

Regional and National variations:
The national partners have the flexibility to adjust it and produce parts of it, in a way that best fits their needs.

Suggested Citation:

MARLISCO Awareness Exhibition on the theme of Marine Litter © MIO-ECSDE, 2014.

Original Text Author: Iro Alampei, MIO-ECSDE. 

The texts of the Exhibition have been repeatedly reviewed by the MIO-ECSDE officers and the MARLISCO consortium before being finalised. Special thanks for their valuable comments and contribution primarily to our scientific coordinator Michael Scoullos and the MIO-ECSDE colleagues Vicky Malotidi, Anastasia Roniotes and Thomie Vlachogianni; as well as Peter Kershaw (Cefas), Joana Mira Veiga (EUCC), Demetra Orthodoxou (IsoTech), Slavko Mezek (RRC-Koper), Bonny Hartley, Sabine Paul & Richard Thompson (Plymouth University), Flavia Silva (FCT-UNL), Isabelle Poitu (MerTerre), Ayaka Amaha Ozturk (TUDAV), Ryan Metcalfe (KIMO) , Matteo Albanese (Provincia di Teramo), Anca Gheorghe (Mare Nostrum) and Matthias Mossbauer (EUCC-D).

The posters that focus on the regional seas have been authored by:
Iro Alampei (MIO-ECSDE) for the Mediterranean
Ryan Metcalfe (KIMO) for the Baltic Sea
Anca Gheorghe (Mare Nostrum) for the Black Sea

Lay out and graphic design:
Busy Building, Greece (
The concept of the exhibition is based on the use of barrels, a symbol to marine wastes in many peoples’ mind; the use of the blue color of the sea and the horizon. It is produced with green / sustainable standards, with close to zero waste in itself (all of its elements are recycled and/or recyclable).