‘My Beach’ Initiative (Netherlands)

North Sea Foundation is an independent environmental organisation dedicated to the sustainable use of the North Sea and a healthy sea full of fish, dolphins and other life. The priorities are: clean shipping, sustainable fishing, and waste-free sea and beaches.

With other users of the North Sea they find concrete solutions to important problems. North Sea Foundation strives for waste-free beaches and seas.

An interesting initiative is “My Beach” (100% Waste Free Beach). A desirable and hip stretch of beach is designated as a ‘My Beach’ through signs, waste bins and flags. This means that the visitors to the beach are aware that while on that stretch of beach they are not only required to collect and dispose of their own rubbish but to do the same for any litter washed up on  the beach. The goal is to have as many “MyBeaches” as possible (http://www.mybeach.info/).

The first two ‘MyBeach’ sites were launched in Noordwijk in June 2011, and now there are 4 more sites in the Netherlands.


Place / Location National
Commencement Date 2011
Duration Ongoing
Theme Prevention, Mitigation
Type of Initiative Practice/ Activity/ Action
Initiated by Volunteers under the coordination of the North Sea Foundation
Involved Stakeholders Industry, partners and private collaborators help through funding as sponsors, dissemination activities and attending meetings to provide industry voice and input.
Funding/Financial Support Yes. North Sea Foundation finances its work in different ways. Thus we include support from industry, partner organizations and we get donations.
Success Rate Somewhat successful
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Padraig Nolan, EuPC


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Padraig Nolan, EuPC


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