System of cleaning of the Slovenian coasts (Slovenia)

The Republic of Slovenia, through its Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment and the Slovenian Environmental Agency, has taken an integrated approach to clean the Slovenian coasts and sea from marine litter. The Government has a contract with the private company VGP Drava Ptuj for coastal area water management, which includes the removal of floating litter from the marine environment and the removal of waste from the coast. The service covers circa 35% of the entire length of the Slovenian coast and cleaning takes place once a month (although in the summer season some parts are cleaned on a daily basis).

The Slovenian Environmental Agency and SVOM also work with NGOs. An example of successful cooperation is the joint clean-ups which are orgnanised monthly with the NGO Eco Vitae. Eco Vitae also organises open events for volunteers every year on the International Coast Day, where the issue of marine litter is presented.

All the litter that is collected through these operations is analysed and the results are included in the Initial Assessment in the framework of Marine Strategy Framework Directive.


Place / Location


Commencement Date 2009
Duration Ongoing
Theme Prevention, Mitigation, Awareness (Cross-cutting)
Type of Initiative Practice/ Activity/ Action
Initiated by Republic of Slovenia, Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment

Involved Stakeholders

- Institute for Water of the Republic of Slovenia

- Slovenian Environment Agency

- University of Nova Gorica

- Eco Vitae NGO

- VGP Drava Ptuj -  National service for the protection of the coastal sea SVOM

Funding/Financial Support

Yes, national

Success Rate

Very Successful

Case Study prepared by Slavko Mezek, KKC Koper
Submitted by

Slavko Mezek, RRC Koper

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